Again cultural intolerance, again vandalism

On May 8, 2022, the video ( appeared again on the Internet, where an Azerbaijani soldier destroys a number of Armenian khachkars.

This indicates that Azerbaijan continues to ignore the requirements of a number of international conventions (UNESCO, The Hague) aimed at preserving Armenian cultural values, at rooting anti-Armenian hatred among its military and the rest of the population.

This time, the chapel and khachkars built by members of “the Union of Karabakh War Veterans” in the village of Mataghis of Martakert region after the April War (2016) were vandalized.

The sanctuary bears the name of St. Gregory the Illuminator, it was supposed to serve both the believer militaries and the inhabitants. Khachkars with the names of the heroes who died during the April War (2016) were placed around the chapel. The opening and consecration ceremony of the new chapel took place in December 2017